Hi! Welcome to my little portfolio site. Here is where you will find my latest work. It includes both design and development. Over the past couple of years I've been working quite a few project, but the biggest one was SHIFT for sure. Take a look around and please let me know what you think on Twitter or by email.

I share my short thoughts on Twitter and longer ones on Medium. I occassionaly share pictures on Instagram and what I'm currently crafting on Dribbble.

Here's a short overview of my recent work. It includes both design and development projects.

Ace & Tate

For Ace & Tate I helped build the foundation of the website using Bootstrap and Sass based on a design created by a separate studio.

SHIFT Magazine

During my time at The Next Web I helped launch their iPad Publication formerly known as TNW Magazine. In September of 2013 we relaunched it on the PRSS publishing platform under the new name SHIFT.


I designed and built this Wordpress theme for my Girlfriend's blog. It has quite a big focus on her (amazing) photography and I tink it really stands out among the other blog themes out there.