Hi! Welcome to my little portfolio site. Here is where you'll find my latest work. It includes both design and development. Over the past couple of years I've been working quite a few project, but the biggest one was SHIFT for sure. Take a look around and please let me know what you think on Twitter or by email.

I share my short thoughts on Twitter and longer ones on Medium. I occassionaly share pictures on Instagram and what I'm currently crafting on Dribbble.

Here's a short overview of my recent work. It includes both design and development projects.

Ace & Tate

For Ace & Tate I helped build the foundation of the website using Bootstrap and Sass based on a design created by a separate studio.


During my time at The Next Web I helped launch their iPad Publication formerly known as TNW Magazine. In September of 2013 we relaunched it on the PRSS publishing platform under the new name SHIFT.


I designed and built this Wordpress theme for my Girlfriend's blog. It has quite a big focus on her (amazing) photography and I tink it really stands out among the other blog themes out there.